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Organic Spinach Powder is organically processed from premium quality organically grown spinach, harvested at the optimum season for deep green color. The spinach leaves are thoroughly washed, inspected, diced and gently dehydrated to preserve its rich color and delicate flavor. The powders are milled from flakes.

Organic Spinach Powder can be used where spinach flavor and color are needed, such as green pasta, cream soups, vegetable juice cocktails, snack chip coating mixes, seasoning mixes and vegetized breads.

Organic Spinach Powder is essentially instant in cooked formulas and may be added directly to prepared foods. To reconstitute during formula cooking, add one volume dry product to 1 volumes of water. For pasta applications, add 3 parts Spinach Powder to 97 parts semolina.

Features & Benefits
Certified organically grown and processed: Cultivated and processed without the use of synthetic compounds under a management policy of sustainable agriculture. Superior color & fresh flavor: Strict raw material selection and careful harvesting assures the consistent deep green natural color of spinach. Upon re-hydration an intense real spinach flavor is released. Economy & availability: Available year-round at a stable, economical price.

For proper storage, containers should be stored in a cool, dry place with liner sealed.

Quality Control
Organic Spinach Powder meets all Public Health Standards and is produced in accordance with good manufacturing practices. Organic Spinach Powder is also Certified Kosher.

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